Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reading Disney World...

So, I am addicted to Disney World books...I have a wish list of 20ish books to read about Disney World...the series that I have started now is "The Imagineering Field Guides..." I have finished The one for Epcot and have started Hollywood Studios. I am one of the corny read everything and anything on a subject that interests me. So, If anyone wants to know anything about Disney World I think I will know it all when I am done. If anyone wants to know what to get me for a present...Disney World Guide book would be great!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Umm have I mentioned waiting!

So, I thought I would update you all will all the details about the program that I know and that most people aways ask me.

I will be working at the Canadian Pavilion in Epcot. In the Pavilion I will be doing Food and Beverage Service. Which means I start out doing cart outside the pavilion and then move into working in the Le Cellier Steakhouse as a server in the end of the training process or at least that is what I think. I still am waiting for my favorite Disney Welcome Package (which I may never get... or at least it seems that way right now.)

I will be living on Disney Property. The complexes are The Commons, Chatham Square, Vista Way, and Patterson Court. See picture... click here! or Here (the second link gives you the overview of all the housing.) It is said we are most commonly placed in the Commons. I will be either in an apartment with 8,6,4, or just me people apartments. I will not know till the day I arrive where they have put me. All depends on what is available at the time I arrive. Because it is a nice gated community with tough security only Disney employees can be within the complex walls after a specific time of night.

There will be transportation in the form of buses that will take me to work. They also have bus service to Walmart so we can go and do shopping.

My start date is the 26th of July! So close but yet so far away... I do actually have to be there that day. I do not actually have to start work till the 27th though. The first week is Traditions and Training. Learning all the ins and outs of Disney and history.

I will get of course great Disney perks like free park entrance. Which makes me super excited to be spending free time with in the other parks and being able to wash away my days of issues on another ride on space mountain.

I am more then happy to have as many people come and visit me that want to but you would need to find your own accommodation. I will more then likely be working 40hrs a week and longer on busy seasons...I will not be around to be your personal tour guide. I am more then willing to see you on time off that I have.

I started this post a week ago and now I think I am going to finish it! If you have any other questions about my time away and the program. I will do my best to answer them for you!

Have a Magical Day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Waiting for My Disney Welcome Package!

So, I received an email about 2 weeks ago. Saying that they were going to send out our Disney Welcome Packs with more info on the 27th of October. So excited as I am I have been looking for the info in the mail lately. Also getting frustrated that it has not come yet!

Yesterday being a holiday I got an email for Yummy jobs. Seems like all holidays is when I get info from them. The email stated that They have not sent out my Welcome Pack yet. They are waiting for my offer letter from Disney. Then they would email me when they send out my package!

So, in other words, I need to wait again! I am learning great patients... or at least trying!

Oh and only 255 more days to wait till I get there....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disney World only 264 Days to still wait!

So, I thought I would start my Blog for my year to come! Too keep up to date with all those who want to know the ins and outs of my journey!

Lets start at the very beginning! (a very good place to start...when you read you begin with ABC...) It all started in May after another trip to Disneyland. I was back at work gushing over how much I love my time at Disney. When someone jokingly suggested that I should work for Disney. I then during my work day at sometime googled who when how I could do such a thing. Found the Disney International Program site. I then decided that I would at least apply. Locating the website that told me that there is a company called Yummy jobs that I needed to find to do such a job. Finding out that I would have to wait a over a month to apply. Placed the idea in the back of my head and moved on. It was on the 2nd of July that I realized that it was the 2nd of July and applications for Feb 2011 Started on the 1st of July on the Yummy Jobs website. I busily at work applied for my job (when i was on break). I then went home and informed my parents that I had applied to work at Disney World. They had some instant reservations. Cause the thought is who would want to leave WestJet to work somewhere else. The answer is anyone that has been in the call centre for 3 years and sees no leaving in site! I decided that all I could do is apply and cross what ever bridges come when I get there.

And then I waited...oh the waiting...I then I got an email...on the 13th of July that they wanted an phone interview! And I was happy!

Then I waited... and waited... on the 2nd of Aug. So doing my phone interview while having a manicure talk about relaxation! I hoped that my over excitement and nevousness did not make my interview terrible. So, after talking to Kristen I hung up and waited...

And Waited...and waited... I got an email on the 17th to let me know that I needed to wait some more... then I needed to wait no more! They wanted me for a Face to Face interview! YAY!!!
Though findign out on the first of September and then Waiting for the beginning of Oct 3rd for the actual interview was just a pain! and again more waiting!

So off I go on the 2nd of October for my interview on the 3rd in Toronto! Good thing I work for WestJet! Travelled far for little tiny price! Interview I felt went really well! I also met some great people that I hoped that I would be working with. So, I flew home and the waiting began
again.... told that I would only would have to wait 2-3 weeks... By this time I have bought into the whole idea of leaving and living in Orlando for a year...SO 2-3 weeks felt like at least a year!

So, I waited... and yes waited...for what seemed like forever...then It was Monday the 17th of October, I was at my Mom's school doing my yearly duty as being "a friend of..." some ever so famous story book character. Though this year no Clifford and therefore no Character that would fit. (Friend of... is a Disney term...used if someone is a Character...) Kristen from Yummy Jobs called to say they would like to offer me a position Starting July 26th 2011! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now while waiting and waiting and waiting!

I am learning Patients....and the truth in the statement all good things come to those who wait!